Workshop: Disruptive Trends for Global Sustainability

by Lars-Henrik Björnsson


Workshop: Disruptive Trends for Global Sustainability
Disruptive Trends for Global Sustainability Workshop, 26-27th of March 2018, Stockholm

26-27th of March 2018, Stockholm

The scope of the workshop was to discuss the functionality and focus of the web-based platform before the launch of a beta version in July 2018 at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development. That is, how can the UNDP-RISE SDG TrendScanner platform be used to identify and understand disruptive trends so that they can be used to deliver on the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the United Nations? The workshop also included a presentation on Inequality and technical change, by Per Molander and a high-level conversation featuring Per Molander, Ulrika Modéer, and Anders Wijkman. 


From the discussion about the UNDP-RISE SDG TrendScanner platform:

“State of the world is in many ways worse than we were led to believe. Countries have been too optimistic in their reporting. Time is therefore short if the world is to be able to deliver on the 2030 agenda. Countries need to go from linear to disruptive progress when it comes to delivering on the SDGs. In addition, inequality increase over time if not actively prevented. Technological change can potentially be used to reduce inequality but will in general drive inequality, particularly if it is market driven. If the platform can engage the private sector to capitalize on meeting the SDGs this could be of great importance.” 


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