Kajsa B Olofsgård Ambassador for the 2030 Agenda, Sweden

We live in times with fast technological and societal changes; with a need to understand and adapt in a pace we are not accustomed to. The challenges raised by climate change, conflicts and increasing amounts of people in vulnerable conditions are also more imperative than ever. We must be capable of finding solutions and actions that not only present a short-term relief but takes us in the direction of the world we want to create for ourselves and for coming generations. The SDG TrendScanner will provide us with better basis for wise decisions.

Dennis Pamlin Senior Advisor, RISE

We look forward to dialogue with different stakeholders as this is a project based on co-development. Not only do we aim to identify disruptive trends and their potential role in delivering on the SDGS, we also want to explore ways that the platform itself can be a force for positive disruption. Though this collaboration we want to deliver positive disruption, both through the way people can use the SDG trend scanner, but also through the partnerships and initiatives that the imitative can inspire.

Abdoulaye Mar Dieye Assistant Secretary-General and Director, Policy and Programme Support, UNDP

We have 250 side events going on and for me this is the mother of side events …If we don’t get it right with disruptive trends we can forget about the SDGs, the 2030 Agenda and global sustainability. My request and my commitment will be that if we can replicate the discussion today and have it with a wider audience. That’s my invitation to you, let’s take a bigger room across the street next time [in the UN headquarter not only a room in the UNDPs headquarter].

Katherine Blue Principal, Sustainability Services, KPMG US

This SDG trend scanner platform has the potential to be quite powerful in terms of driving innovation and progress against the SDGs. One of the most impactful trends for business and civil society in the coming years will be intelligent automation and how it will be applied to track global trends and SDG progress, as well as collecting innovative approaches that benefit the SDGs. Furthermore, CSR and other reports related to the SDGs often become rapidly outdated, so this would allow more timely sharing of information globally from reports and studies. Finally, the trend scanner could be incredibly impactful by being deployed globally in schools to inform and inspire a new generation of change-makers.

Gautam Jaggi Insight director, EYQ

The platform can achieve three important things:

  1. Increase the understanding of how SDGs relate to disruptive trends in business
  2. Get the SDG community to understand and utilize disruptive trends.

  3. It can change the way we do research and move beyond linear models and also deliver on global sustainability.
Bhushan Sethi Principal, People & Organisation, PwC

The world needs more of this kind of work, i.e. the SDG Trend Scanner. We need to operate together as Business leaders/advisors, policy makers, think tanks and academics to design practical solutions that meet business, societal and Individual needs and hence delivering on some of the SDG goals.

Jacques Bughin Senior Partner McKinsey and Director MGI

I applaud the platform, I really like the idea of using the crowd to gather information. This will be a useful tool to understand trends.

We have 1 planet and billions of people and we can be assured that we will run in to problems faster than we believe. We need markers for progress, like the SDGs, to see where we are going. We need to shape the future, not only observe and adapt to different trends.