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Where does private end and public begin?
By allowing coordination with systems outside the home, the line between home and work and between public and private will continue to blur. Home systems that sync with external systems (such those at work or school) will allow occupants to work, learn and relax in one locale. But such systems could also sync with neighbourhoods, regions, municipalities, utilities and more to support decision-making about land-use planning, infrastructure, health outcomes and development.
Metascan 3 emerging technologies
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Who's afraid of artificial intelligence
After losing three games of Go to Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo, the world’s second-ranked Go player in 2016, Lee Sedol, said, “I will have to express my apologies first. I should have shown a better result, a better outcome.” While Lee was apologising for his play, many also understood his statement as an apology for the limits of human intelligence and the advent of a superior form—Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Singapore, The Centre for Strategic Futures
Whole earth virtualisation
Example of Organizationsactive in the area: Improbable (UK).
Table of disruptive technologies
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Why Tech Innovators are Poised to Save the World
When trying to understand the societal impact of tech entrepreneurs on modern society, we need to look back, back to hippie culture and the San Francisco music revolution of the sixties, the birthplace of tech entrepreneurship in its current form. The common and strikingly new belief at that time was that we are responsible for the future of our planet, that an inclusive and networked society is more balanced and likely to be more sustainable; that race, gender and sexual orientation do not matter and need to be tolerated in whichever form. That mis ts and outlaws are admirable, if not role models.
Shaping the future
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Widely Affecting Antimicrobial Agents
The necessity of the technology that can effectively cope with new epidemics including super bacteria will increase. Therefore, widely affecting antimicrobial agents will appear as important technology.
KISTEP 10 Emerging Technologies 2011
South Korea, Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP)
Winners and Losers of Globalisation
The winners of globalisation are often said to be the millions in the emerging economies who have been lifted out of poverty in recent decades, together with those who were already rich and are now richer. The losers are said to be concentrated in the developed countries - the squeezed middle whose jobs, income and prospects have been hit.
Shaping the future
European Strategy and Policy Analysis System (ESPAS)
Wireless 5G takes hold
While the next generation of broadband will make internet speeds faster, that’s far from the biggest perk (current speeds are plenty fast). 5G will offer improved latency, drastically reducing the time it takes for connected devices to communicate with one another. This is the key to making the internet of things (IoT) come to life because our current infrastructure cannot support the burgeoning universe of products adequately, including everything from streaming Netflix on multiple devices in 4k to connecting phones, iPads and laptops to coffee machines, refrigerators and security systems. The coming of 5G will change that. This not only presents opportunities for internet providers like Verizon, Fios and Spectrum but also the owners of cell towers such as Crown Castle. Even though everyone has an appetite for better internet, no one wants more cell towers in their city, meaning the value of the existing ones goes up. Other beneficiaries will include the handset makers, something that should be music to Apple’s ears. The company is no doubt looking to offset the struggles that it faces in China by entering a massive upgrade cycle over the next few years as it unveils 5G-ready devices. Qualcomm and Intel are also poised to do well since their chips will power the modems that will make wireless 5G a reality.
Three Big Tech Trends For 2019
Wireless and Mobility
The battleground for innovation in the untethered enterprise Mobility in the enterprise is going through a disruptive shift – precipitated by both technology and changing user demand. Ubiquitous wireless connectivity and capacity, powerful terminal devices, and a growing mobile application ecosystem lend themselves to previously unimaginable solutions.
Depth perception A dozen technology trends shaping business and IT in 2010
Wireless Charging Market Moves Up a Gear
With Apple supporting Qi, the wireless charging standards war is over for smartphones. With smartphones across both major operating systems now supporting Qi, businesses can invest in wireless charging provision without the risk of leaving out a key demographic.
Top Tech trends 2018
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Wireless Electric Power Transmission Technology
The technology enables transmission of electrical energy without the use of power plugs and outlets within limited distance. The technology can be applied for ubiquitous computing of electronic devices. Prior to implementation, efficiency enhancement and size miniaturization of wireless transmitters are the issues that need to be addressed.
KISTEP 10 Emerging Technologies 2010
South Korea, Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP)